17 Unique Ideas for Christmas Fundraising with Examples

Companies like CustomInk and Bonfire give booster clubs an easy way to run this type of fundraiser. Since lollipops are a classic treat they appeals to a wide range of people, making them a great option for a fundraising campaign. Sign up between 8 and 12 local merchants to advertise on the back of your fundraising discount cards. These fundraiser discount cards make terrific annual fundraising tools. Fundraisers for football are not just about selling products, because there is also a lot of organizing and planning before you even get anywhere near that point.
But we do know that for the foreseeable future, we need to put a little space between us and our supporters—which means it’s COVID-safe fundraisers for all of us. Chances are we’re all a little short on socially-distanced fundraiser inspiration, so we’re here today with a bajillion and one COVID-approved fundraising ideas and events. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student, fundraising for yourself can be intimidating, but it’s not as hard as you think. Use these individual fundraising ideas for school trip to raise money and reach your goal.
Parents can make donations as the children participate in each sporting event. Get non profit fundraising to donate books and host a read-a-thon for your fundraising campaign. Parents and other stakeholders can make donations for every child via a Formplus online donation form as they reach specific reading milestones.
Focus on healthy treats and asking children to “pay” for the goods with pieces of Halloween candy. To raise money for a cause, you can organize a bingo night and participants can pay a small fee to play, and stand the opportunity to win small prizes. Make your students’ dreams come true by inviting their favorite celebrity over to the school for a meet-and-greet session.
Then, when the sale is over, you can donate whatever is left to a local organization. Or, put a twist on this classic and put on a Rock Band Playoffs, until there’s only one Rock Band Champion. While this raises money for the band, you can get students involved who are more proficient in video game music. Battle of the Bands is always a great idea to encourage young musicians to show off their skills. Get sponsored prizes for the band and get ready to sell merchandise and food.
In addition to the pizza and pretzel making kits, We also offer kits to make your own gooey cinnamon rolls. The pretzels & pizza fundraiser is sure to be a huge success. These services can be on the professional and hobby end of the spectrum.
1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • So much color, so much flavor, so much fun. Our Fruit Rainbow popcorn brings the colors of the rainbow and the flavors of grape, lemon, orange, blue raspberry and cherry in a light, crunchy coating. The average Spinner raises $210 when all 50 coupons are sold at an average sales price of $3-$5 per coupon.