Commercial Refrigeration Repair Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air Columbia, SC

We know that these systems are instrumental to the life and revenue to your business. As such, we honor that trust by treating every commercial appliance repair service as if we are conducting it on our own business. In this way, we can guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality commercial appliance repair and refrigeration services possible. Comfort Appliance is the greater Atlanta and Covington area expert in commercial refrigerator repair, commercial freezer repair, and commercial ice maker repair.
Our licensed installation experts will guide you on the right equipment to buy, show you the best place to fit them, and leave you with important maintenance tips that you can run by yourself. We have dedicated technicians that specialize in refrigeration and can get your equipment up and going fast. We stock most common replacement parts on the trucks to minimize down time.
Call us and we will get you back up and running as fast as possible. In restaurants and other commercial applications, walk-in and reach-in coolers are critical. We can pinpoint frost buildups, thermometer issues, solenoid troubles and other problems that may cause breakdowns or errors.
Touchstone Commercial Services is committed to performing expert quality AC, heating, and restaurant appliance repair, and preventative maintenance throughout your city. You shouldcontact appliance repairmen and specialists near you before hiring them for the project to see if they can offer their services remotely or virtually. Appliance repairs are typically done in person, but you can ask if it’s possible to have a virtual consultation or an online walk-through. If you see that a pro is offering remote services in their profile, message them to find out what those services include.
Call today and let us help you out with all of your commercial refrigerator maintenance and repair services. The Commercial appliance is the definitive source for commercial appliance service, refrigeration, dishwashers, washing parts like laundry, and other accessories. Technicians who work on commercial appliances have years of experience in the sector. For any cafe, laundry, church, school, and other business, we service all major commercial appliance equipment. Refrigeration, ice makers, wine coolers, ovens, washing machines, dryers and more are among the items we repair. If appliance repair near me believe your commercial ice maker is not working properly, the experts at Coffey Ref can help.
As business owners ourselves, we understand that you need to make a decision that’s right for you, your business, and all of the people who depend on being able to take home a check. While some HVAC companies will push you toward the most expensive goods and services they offer, you can trust our team to do what’s best for you. In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to know when you should replace a unit instead of repairing it.
Reach out to us today and we would be glad to service any and all brands. We will work directly with the manufacturer and warranty to make sure everything is properly repaired and serviced. You’ve spent a lot of money on your refrigeration equipment, so it stands to reason that you’d want to protect it and get the most life out of it.
We have service vehicles on the road at all times and can usually service your commercial needs within a couple of hours. You can depend on us to handle you specific needs in an emergency be it large or small. Leaks are another sign that you need an urgent commercial refrigeration repair. Leaks of water could damage the refrigerator’s electrical system.