How To Plan and Run an Amazing Silent Auction

However, that doesn’t mean it has to be your only source of revenue! Consider asking for How does Silent Auction work across multiple points of contact, including online if pre-registering, as well as on the day of the event. This way, you can provide an easy way for dedicated supporters to go above and beyond for your organization and bring in more funding for your mission. One interesting fact about silent auctions is that 90% of your donations will occur in the last 10 minutes of the silent auction no matter when that happens. Many believe leaving a silent auction open longer will get more bidders.
Originally entitled Handmade in Saguache Festival, it was meant to celebrate the harvest and the labors of those who had created homemade items for this event. Over the years, instead of visitors traveling to find the treasures, it was brought to the park in Saguache for ease of shopping. Although fresh vegetables and some homemade items have found other locations, you can find vendors with arts and crafts and creations available to enhance your home. Iowans are invited to enjoy great food, wine, music, and scenery at an annual fundraiser to support the IowaWatch newsroom of Investigate Midwest.
The rule of thumb is no more than half as many items as attendees. Too much stuff is stifling in every way, whereas the sense of “shortage” fuels competition. Be especially mindful of this for the live auction, as it is your finale.
BAY CITY, MI – Bay City is celebrating a heritage built on public art this weekend during a special event that will culminate in the unveiling of a new community mural. We’re pretty sure that you know journalism faces big challenges these days. Media outlets around the country are asking their readers to chip in. For as little as $5 a month — the cost of a craft beer or kombucha — you can help keep local journalism strong.
Nowadays, with the wide usage of social media, people can get a good knowledge of the best places to travel for leisure. Travelling often helps to de-stress and learn more about other cultures. Motivate and encourage people to travel and offer them discounted packages through a silent auction.
You’ll need silent auction items to sell off to your bidders and supporters. Silent auctions typically require a lot more work for a lot less reward. It’s more work to get all those items, to display them and create bid sheets for them. Once a silent auction is over, there are more items to create invoices for and to deliver to bidders. Online auctions work well as stand-alone fundraisers for charities with far-flung supporters who can’t easily gather for an in-person event.
To tap into paid advertising, look into advertising programs for social media and search engines like Google. As such, it couldn’t be more important for your organization to set a firm budget that takes all possible expenses into account.